Monday, February 14, 2011

Rails Stack on OS X

I just got a new MacBook Pro. I spent so much time creating recipes for our production deployment stack, I wanted to reuse that effort. I also wanted a consistent stack from all developers. When I looked around I found smeagol and cinderella. They were close, but of course the stack I wanted was different. Then I found chef-homebrew. This fit the bill perfectly. I could now use my existing recipes (adapted slightly for OS X). So I created a public project that does just that. It provides a default rails stack on OS X. It works with a clean OS X install. Your mileage may vary.

First thing first is to install CodeX from the installation DVD. It is in the Optional Install. (You can register on the apple site and download it, but the download is 3.4 GB.)

git clone git://
cd strudel
rake strudel:install

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